Amlarem Civil Sub-Division is dotted with a number of lovely tourist spots, where nature unveils herself in all her glory. Full of vibrant culture, tradition, great scenic beauty and tranquillity are some of the attractions of the sub-division that can draw any tourist in. The major tourist spots in the sub-division are as follows:-

1.Phe Phe Falls/Paradise Adventure Camp.

The Phe Phe Falls stands at a distance of 80 kmfrom Shillong and can be covered in 2.5 hours by road. This campsite is located on the Jowai-Dawki road and is situated besides the Muvi river. It provides the best of facilities in the form of unique miniature huts, cabins and an abundance of space for pitching tents as well.

2.Thlumuvi/Megalithic Bridge.

Located 16 kms off the Jowai-Dawki road is Thlumivi, a place famous for historical stone bridge/megalithic bridge built over the Muvi stream by the warriors of the Jaintia Hills. The Bridge was built to facilitate the journey of Jaintiapur kings from Sylhet enroute to the Summer Capital at Nartiang.

3.Sua Ludong Falls.

Located about 6 km ahead of the Paradise Adventure Camp, Sua Ludong is another waterfall in Thangbuli Village, Meghalaya which particularly caters to the enjoyment of the local children who indulge in swimming, diving etc.

4.Krang Shuri Falls.

Krang Suri is one of the most popular, beautiful and captivating waterfalls present in the state. It is located about 30 km from Jowai West Jaintia Hills District. Krang Shuri Waterfall is cradle in the valley between the hills, a majestic sight which can be glimpsed from viewpoints. Legends has it that after a battle between warring clans, the cave behind the waterfall also served as an armoury.


Located about 54 km from Jowai, Shnongpdeng, is a village nestled on the banks of the river Umngot, it is an ideal village for those interested in adventure tourism and provides for Zip lining, Scuba diving, Outdoor camping, Snorkelling, Rock climbing and Trekking. Far from the din and bustle of city life, it provides a refreshing and idyllic moment for those in search of a soothing, calm experiences. One of the unique features of Umngot river which flows through Shnongpdeng and Dawki is that it assumes aquamarine hues, in which the river bed is clearly visible from the surface.


1 km before reaching Shnongpdeng, Darrang is a village in Amlarem Sub-Division which also famous for having exquisite features and beautiful scenery. The village offers exciting themes involving Boating, Water Adventure, Trails and Camping. Like Shnongpdeng, it is also situated alongside the river banks of Umngot which is crystal clear and can be visible from afar.


Located about 54km from Jowai and 91 km from Shillong, it is famous for the Umngot River and the heritage Dawki Bridge built by the British which straddles between East Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills District. Dawki, is also located on the International Border with Bangladesh.


Amkoi is a village in Amlarem Block in Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya. It is located about 36 km towards South from District headquarters Jowai, 12 km from Amlarem and 47 km from State Capital Shillong. Amkoi village is a well-known tourist place in Amlarem Sub-Division having rock structures that caught the eye of many tourists and explorers. The rocks there do not have the usual craggy look and have been naturally smoothened. They look like they have been painted with different faded colours.


Kudengrim, located in about 23 km from Amlarem, 52 km from Jowai and 94 km from Shillong is another village in the Sub-Division famous for having unique places that can easily attract many tourists and explores. The main attraction of Kudengrim are Waterfalls and Living Root Bridge which are a twenty minuites hike away from the main village along the rushing streams and views of verdant valleys. Besides these the village is also famous for hiking and trekking which is the best feature that adventurers and explorers can hope for.

10.Syndai Cave

Located at about 50 km from Jowai, Syndai is a village in the Amlarem Sub-Division which is famous for its Caves system, some of which are tourist friendly. The Syndai cave is well connected to communication and transport in the form of flights to Guwahati and buses from Shillong headed towards Syndai. The eleven independent caves comprising the Syndai cave system are, namely Amsohmahatang, Kriah, Amkoi, Rupasor or Ka Krem Pubon, Amkari, Lyngngohnah, Kynda Rupasor Amkhloo, Amlashriah, Amthymme and Chair.

11.Trangblang/Rangkali Falls.

Trangblang is a village in Amlarem Sub-Division in West Jaintia Hills District. It is located at around 50 km from Jowai. The village surrounding is covered with lush green vegetation, forest and waterfalls. The Rangkali waterfall has the potential to be the highest waterfall in the whole Jaintia Hills Region, but unfortunately there is no accurate measurement as it is recently discovered. Monsoon season would be the best season to pay visit as the waterfall would have huge amount of water and this creates a scenic view for the nature covers.

12.Rupasor Bathing Ghat (Royal Bathing Pool).

Located at around 60 km of the Jowai-Amlarem-Muktapur road, Rupasor Bathing Ghat also known as “Ka Mahadei Swimming Pool” is a beautiful rectangular swimming pool of about 10.00 m in length, 7.10 m breadth and 1.50 m in depth hewn out of the rock, which forms part of the bed of the Rupasor stream. Tradition states that the pool was created by Luh Laskor Lamare under the direction of the Jaintia Kings for the purpose of Riyal Bathing. Equidistant from both the corners in the north-end of the pool there is a replica of an elephant carved out of the same rocks to serve as a platform for the bathing royals to sit upon. At a distance of about 20 m to the west side of the pool, there are two huge rocks bearing the design of the Sun and the Moon. The finding of the figures together in a place expresses the symbol of fertility cult, as the Moon symbolises the male and the Sun symbolises the Female.


Hotels and resorts are important when it comes to tourism. As the Amlarem Civil Sub-Division is famous and well known for several tourist places it also has plenty of Resorts, Homestay and Camp Sites. Some of these are: -

  • Lamin Guess House
  • Bri Kwai Resort.
  • Betel Nut Resort
  • Dawki Orchid
  • Pioneer Adventure Camp sites at Shnongpdeng
  • Camp sites at Krang Suri
  • Paradise Adventure Camp
  • Apslem’s Riverside Camping