Shri. Abhinav Kumar Singh,IAS

Sub Divisional Officer

Amlarem Civil Sub-Division

Welcome to Amlarem Civil Sub-Division

The Amlarem Sub-division was established on 12th November 1976. The area of the Sub-division is 404.53 sq. kms more or less. The boundaries are:

->North – Mynkjai river, Samanong village, Moopyut village and the Thadalaskein C&RD Block

->South - Dawki , Tamabil, Muktapur villages and the International Border with Bangladesh

->East – Pasadwar, Kharkhana, Jaliakhola villages, and the Myntdu river

->West – Nongbareh, Padu villages and the Umngot river {East Khasi Hills}

There are 92 Villages within the Sub – division. These villages are under the traditional administration of the Dollois of Satpator, Amwi, Nonglatang, Darrang & Jowai.