Shad Rong Khli.

It is one of the most important festival of War Jaintia and is performed at Nongtalang. Rong means festival and khli means tiger which means Tiger festival. This festival is held whenever a tiger is killed accidentally or by the villagers on an organized hunting. In whatever manner the tiger is killed, God is to be worshipped and the festival is to be held. It is believed that is God is not worshipped, certain calamities or misfortunes like epidemic diseases, starvation, and blindness will befall on the people. The festival is usually held in the month of January, February or March after the harvesting work is over.

Chad Sukra.

Chad Sukra is a festival celebrated by the Pnar and War (Umladkhur and Mupyut) tribe of the state. The celebration of the festival takes place in the month of April. The farmers celebrate this festival before sowing season. They pray to the almighty for healthy crops and abundant rain. Cultural dances are performed by men and women of the tribe.

Shad Rong Kusi.

It is a dance festival celebrated by several villages of War tribe of the State. It is also called as Sword Dance in which males participate holding a sword and fly-flap consists of stepping forward and receding, starting three steps forward, then bowing down their heads and dropping down their swords and fly-flaps, then receding and the process is repeated. Dancers in group face each other charging forward and receding in the above style.This festival is usually held in the month of January, February or March.