Election Branch

  • Conduct of Elections to the State Legislative Assembly/Lok Sabha Elections
  • Preparation, creation and issue of Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC).
  • Enrolment of eligible citizen in the Electoral roll and maintenance of the sanctity of franchise as laid down by the Constitution of India.
  • Facilitation and maintenance of Polling Station during election periods.
  • Year round continuous revision and updates of Erolls/Disposal of claims and objections.
  • Conduct of Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls every year as per Election Commission of India’s Schedules and Disposal of Cliams and Objections.
  • Conduct of Special Campaigns and Enrollment with an awareness under systematic Voter Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP).

Supply Branch

  • To keep watch over the function of Petrol pumps (2 Nos) and LPG Distribution (2 Nos) in the Sub-Division.
  • Monitoring open market price of Essential commodities.
  • Distribution of Mid-day Meal for 179 nos of school in the Sub-division.
  • Regular Inspection by Inspecting Staff for smooth functioning of Targeted Public Distribution System and also set up Village Vigilance Committee to monitor and review the functioning of the TPDS.

General Branch

  1. Establishment
    • All Establishment matters (Leave of Officer/Staffs, Service Book, Service Roll, Leave Account & Pension Matters).
    • Human Resources/Man power matter including of other offices.
    • Political matters/Passport/Financial.
    • Office Order/Notifications/ Treasury Matters.
    • General Provident Fund/House Building Advance.
    • Planning matters

  2. Registration
    • All Registration matters including complaint.
    • Preparation of bills of Registration Branch.
    • Maintenance of Cash Book.
    • All matters and correspondence relating to Taxation & Stamps.
    • Mining & Limestone matters MMMCR 2016.

  3. Revenue
    • All Revenue Matters related to Land Acquisition mater under RFCTLARR 2013.
    • All revenue matters related to Revenue Accounts, Estimate/Payment of Compensation etc.
    • Bakijai Matters
    • Matters relating to GAD Land

  4. General
    • Confidential matters
    • Right to Information Act, 2005.
    • Matters relating to Terrorism & Communal violence
    • Implementation of Section 33 of persons with Disabilities Act, 1995.
    • Magistracy matters, Law & Order and other related issues.
    • Matters relating to Border Trade.
    • Matter relating to complaints and permission.
    • Public facilitation Centre- Issuance of Schedule Tribe/Income Certificate/Character Certificate/Residential Certificate.
    • Matters relating to PHE/PWD, Sports and Tourism.
    • Matters relating to Registration of Societies.

Nazarath Branch

  • All Account matters related to Maintenance of Cash Book, preparation of LOA/Pay Bills/Contingency Bills.
  • All Account matters related to Budget Estimate/Surrender Saving/Excess of Fund.
  • All Account matters related to Monthly Expenditure Statement.
  • Matter relating to Office Stationery & other Consumable and maintenance of stock register.
  • Maintenance of Office Building (Quarters/SDO Campus).