Brief Profile of the Department

  • Office Address: Sub-Divisional public Relations Officer,Amlarem Sub-Division.
  • Contact No. & Email I.D:

The Sub-Divisional Public Relations office in Amlarem was set up on 29th May 2008. It functions as a filed publicity and information dissemination unit of the Government at the sub-divisional level, under the Department of Information and Public Relations, Government of Meghalaya. The department is entrusted with the job of informing and creating an active interface with the people. The department publicises the various policies and programmes, the welfare measures and the development activities undertake by the government for the welfare of the people.

  • Dissemination of information to print media on government policies and programmes.
  • Publicise the initiatives and achievements of the government through press release and photographs.
  • Organise Special Interactive Programmes(SIP) wherein information on Government policies and programmes is disseminated to the grassroots level. Publicity Campaigns on Women’s empowerment, healthcare, prevention of diseases, awareness on AIDS,population hazards, promotion of blood donation are also carried out.
  • The Technical section of the department provides P.A. Systems for Government functions. It is also equipped with mobile vans to disseminate important immediate announcements through loud speaker systems.