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Office of the Fishery Officer

1. Conservation & Legislation for Protection of Fisheries:
This Scheme aims at Conserving and Protecting the indigenous fish fauna, with the joint Co- operation of the Local authorities i.e Headmen, Dalloi’s, etc. Certain part or portions of important rivers, streams, etc. are locally conserved and protected from illegal fishing. Other Organisations, viz, Fishing Association N.G.O’s, etc, have shown keen interest in conserving the Fish population, whereby awareness programmes such as Seminars/Workshop/Group Discussion etc were conducted to stress upon the importance of fish in rivers, streams and water bodies. Exposure trips were conducted for the recognized Fishing Association NGOs /Headmen etc who are willing to Co-operation with the Department in conservation the natural fishery resources usefully in their respective jurisdiction, provide incentive in Cash to the selected NGOs, etc.

2. Community Fishery Development Project:
This Scheme aims at providing financial assistance to the Community/ Village/ Societies for construction of Community ponds @ 50% Govt. Subsidy /Grant in aid and the remaining 50% to be borne by Community /Village/Societies.

3. Aquaculture Development of One Thousands Ponds:
This Scheme has been introduced from the year 2005-06 which aims to generate employment opportunity to the people of the Rural areas especially the Rural Educated unemployed Youth of the District. Financial assistance is in the form of back ended subsidy @25% loan and 75% subsidy, tied up with MCAB.

4. Culture and Breeding of Ornamental Fishes:
This Scheme aims at Culture and breeding of the local, indigenous and exotic, ornamental fishes available in the rivers and streams, in order to uplift the economic conditions of the fish farmers/private schools, etc. (Financing of 75%Govt. Subsidy and 25% Contribution of Fish Farmers/Private Schools).

5. Marketing and Transport of Fish and Fish Seed:
This is a new Scheme which aims at providing 50% Subsidy to sale /distribution of fish seed (early fingerlings) of both exotic and indigenous species to private fish farmers.



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