The Amlarem C&RD Block was established in 1982 and it is under Amlarem Civil Sub-Division of West Jaintia Hills Disrtict. The area of the Block is 404.53 sq. kms more or less the boundaries are:

  • North - Mynkjai river, Samanong village, Moosakhia village and the Thadalaskein C&RD Block
  • South - Dawki , Tamabil, Muktapur villages and the International Border with Bangladesh
  • East - Pasadwar, Kharkhana, Jaliakhola villages, and the Myntdu river
  • West - Nongbareh, Padu villages and the Umngot river {East Khasi Hills}

There are 92 Villages within the Block. These villages are under the traditional administration of the Dollois of Satpator, Amwi, Nonglatang, Darrang & Jowai. The population as per 2011 census is 43,844. The literacy rate up to date is 66.1%. At present, there are several schools & one college in the Block. There are also several offices (listed separately), 3 P.H.Cs, 1 CHC and a few dispensaries/ Health sub-centres.


The aim of the Scheme PMAY- G is to provide a pucca house with basic amenities to all houseless & household living in Kutcha and dilapidated house. The programme started in the country with rehabilitation of refugees immediately after independence and since then it has been a major focus area of the government as an instrument of the poverty alleviation. The rural housing programme as an independent programme started with Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY) in January 1996.

To address the gaps in the rural housing program an inview of government’s commitment to provide “Housing for all” by 2022, the Scheme of IAY has been restructured into Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana – Gramin w.e.f 1st April, 2016.

The List Beneficiaries are selected from Socio Economic & Caste Census (SECC) 2011 which is screened into Permanent Wait List (PWL) after the removal of households already benefited from IAY Scheme previously or having Pucca houses of their own according the Resolution verified by the Gram Sabha/Village Durbar. The List is then compiled into Annual Action Plan (AAP) for each Financial Year as per Government Allotted Target for the Block and as per Priority List approved by the District for a respective village within the Block.

The Scheme is monitored by Web based Electronic Services called as Awaasoft and Mobile Application called Awaas App. The payment to the beneficiaries is done through DBT linked through PFMS of the Awassoft after Geotagging through Awaas App.

The programme implementation is monitored not only electronically, but also through community participation (Social Audit), Member of Parliament (DISHA Committee), Central and State Government Official, National Level Monitors etc.

Particular Financial Year 2016-2017 Financial Year 2017-2018 Financial Year 2019-2020
Target Fixed 200 62 110
Beneficiaries Registered 200 62 68
GEO Tagged Out Of Registered 200 62 36
Sanctions Out Of GEO Tagged 2006236
Sanctions With Verified Accounts 2006236
1st Instalment Paid 200620
2nd Instalment Paid196490
3rd Instalment Paid174230
Total Fund Available [Amt. in lakhs] 26080.60
Fund Utilized [Amt. in lakhs] 252.5965.390
No. of Houses Completed 164130
No. of Houses ongoing 36490
Percentage of Fund Utilize (%97.1581.130


National social assistance programme is a central sponsored,It is fully funded by the central government

NSAP- Is a social security and welfare Programme to provide support to aged person,widow,disable,person and breaved family on the death of primary winner belonging to the below poverty line house hold.

Presently NSAP comprised of four scheme namely

  • 1.Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Schemes- The eligible age for IGNOPS is 60 years . The pension is 500/- for the person between 60 yearto 79year .80 year and above 550/-
  • 2.Indira Gandhi Widow Pension Scheme (IGNWPS)- The eligible age is 40year and the pension 500/-
  • 3.Indira Gandhi Disability Pension Scheme (IGNDPS)-The eligible age for the persioner is 18 year and the above and the disability level has to be 80% the amount 500/-
  • 4.Natoinal Family Benefit Scheme (NSBF) -20,000/- Will given as a lumpsum assistance to the bereaved –winner .It is clarified that any event of death ( Natural or other wise). The term house hold would include spouse, minor children, unmarried daughter and dependent parent . The death of such a bread winner should have accured whilst he/she is more than18year of age and less than 60year of age The NFBS would be given to every case of death of breath winner in family


Physical Coverage(In numbers) IGNOAPS IGNWPS IGNDPS NFBS Commulative-Expenditure
990 73 17 20 IGNOAPS – 1,00,37,350/-
IGNWPS – 2,55,500/-
IGNDPS – 59,500/-
NFBS – 2,00,000/-


MGNREGA is one of the project which gives advantage to the entire Job Card holder to get alternative employment and to generate additional income to their family. It is the only scheme where they can choose any work that is needed in the village. Through this scheme they have constructed work which improved their needs in their daily life and they get sufficient water for drinking and Washing


I. Khonglah VEC FY: 2015-16

  • 1. Construction of R/wall (ECW) Phase I, FP/607, Length: 828M.
  • 2. Construction of R/wall (ECW) Phase II, FP/1026, Length: 828M.
  • 3. Construction of R/wall (ECW) Phase III, FP/1189, Length: 828M.
  • 4. Construction of R/wall (ECW) Phase IV, FP/1520, Length: 274M.

II. Khonglah VEC FY: 2016-17

1. Construction of Piggery Shed including Soak pit

III. Trangblang VEC FY: 2017-18

1. Construction of Water Tank and Washing Platform

IV. Trangblang VEC FY” 2018-19

1. Construction of Compound Fencing Post Water Supply Pipeline.