• Name of Sub-Divisional Department Head: Shri. Markus S.Pohsnem,Asst. Executive Engineer, PWD(Roads)
  • Office Address: Office of the Assitant Executive Engineer, PWD(Roads)Border Roads Sub-Division, Amlarem
  • Contact No & Email ID:

Detailed profile of Deparnment

The office of the Asst.Executive Engineer, PWD(Roads), Border Roads Sub-Division. Amlarem mainly looks after the construction of roads and bridges works. Over the years, it has achieved tremendously in connectivity of villages under the War Jaintia area. Almost 99% of the villages connectivity has been completed. The Remaining unconnected villages like Kamsing, Lymba,Kongwang is due to non-feasibility. Hence, the PWD has directly or indirectly help to boost the socio-economic activities of the people at large. The most recent achievement is the completion of the “Construction of 180.00m span of BUG bridge on Muktapur-Borghat Road over Myntdu River at a cost of Rs.22.00 crores” which was inaugurated on the 19th July,2019 by Shri. Prestone Tynsong, Deputy Chief Minister i/c PWD(Roads) etc in presence of Shri. Lahkmen Rymbui, Minister Education etc. Shri. Kyrmen Shylla, Minister Social Welfare etc along with the PWD officials and general public at large.

Following are the on-going works

  • Improvement including MBT of Dawki-Muktapur Road (0-10km) under CRF Scheme.
  • Strengthening of Pdengshakap-Tarangblang Road (4.60Km-9.60Km under RIDF-XXIV).
  • Improvement including MBT of road from Amlarem to Pdengkarong (9Km) Under PMGSY-II
  • Improvement including MBT of road from Pdengshakap to Jong U Shen (7.90Km) under PMGSY-II