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Office of the Sub-Registrar of cooperative Societies

The Office immerses itself in various fields of work of which Registration of Cooperative Societies and Audit of Registered Cooperative Societies within the Sub-Division of Amlarem are some of the main works that the Officers are involved in.

Besides this, the Office through the facilitation of the Office of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Meghalaya, Shillong is conducting Motivational Program once a year held mainly for the sole purpose of creating awareness among the low income group of people so as to allow and encourage them to achieve or secure certain benefits or advantages which is otherwise not possible to get individually and at the same time to promote certain 'Virtue and Values' such as self Help, Mutual Help, Self Reliance and general goods of all.

Apart from these, the Office is also facilitating Financial Assistance provided by the Department in the form of Business Development Plan so as to assist those Hard working and potentially Good Performing Societies to expand their Business Activities which comes in Component as described below:-

  1. 60% Government FA (as Share Capital Contribution).

  2. 30% Bank Loan from MCAB Ltd.

  3. 10% Members' Contribution.

The Assistance is provided in Installment Basis and after the release of the First Installment, the Officer In-Charge has to keep constant  track of the work and submit a report based on his first hand inspection along with pictures of the work when he is informed by the Society concerned that the whole amount has been utilized so that the release of the Second Installment Amount can be proceeded forward.

In addition to the above mentioned activities, the Office is also imparting various Training Programmes conducted by the Meghalaya Cooperative Training Institute (MCTI) not only for the Officers of the Department but also for the Members of the Cooperative Societies in various places and through the direction of the Office of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies even sponsoring them for Trainings and Workshops conducted outside of the State in various places of India so as to give them exposure apart from imparting them with skills and knowledge etc.

Lastly, the Office is also facilitating and helping the Cooperative Societies in availing various State and Central Schemes and Loan Assistance issued by various State Departments and Cooperative Development Agencies Etc.





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