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Health Department

1. Sub-Divisional Medical & Health Officer’s Office
i. Convening & planning of NRHM activities
ii. Distribution of attached funds to PHC/St. Dispensary/CHC.
iii. Compilation of NRHM Monthly Reports and transmission to the higher authority
iv. Supervision &Monitoring of CHC/PHC/St. Disp/SC whenever necessary.
v. Facilitation of field activities
vi. SDM&HO helping in out-patients’ Department at Nongtalang PHC
c. Holding of Monthly Convergence Meeting .
d. Act as control Venue for giving and receiving information on notifiable and Communicable Disease

2. Activities at the CHC/PHC/St . Dips level:-
Sl. No Name of CHC/PHC/St.Disp No. of sub-Centre Total No. of Population
1. Nongtalang CHC 2+1 (attached ) 8868
2. Jarain PHC 1+1(attached ) 10162
3. Dawki PHC 3+1 (attached ) 9959
4. Pdengshakap PHC 3+1 (attached ) 10075
5. Padu St.Dispensary 1+1 (attached ) 5493

(a) All Institutions are having one or two Medical Officers.
(b) Dentists are available only at Nongtalang CHC & Dawki PHC.
(c) AYUSH Physicians are available only at Nongtalang CHC &Jarain PHC.
(d) Geographically Dawki PHC covers the most difficult Areas.

Name of Sub- Centres at different PHC/CHC/St .Dispensary
1. Nongtalang CHC:
I. Lamin S/C
II. Sohkha S/C
III. CHC attached S/C

2. Jarain PHC:
I. Mupyut S/C
II. PHC attached S/C

3. Dawki PHC:
I. Darrang S/C
II. Muktapur S/C
III. Pasaduar S/C
IV. PHC attached S/C

4. Pdengshakap PHC:
I. Syndai S/C
II. Tarangblang S/C
III. HC attached S/C

5. Padu St. Dispensary:
I. Nongbareh S/C
II. Disp. Attached S/C
III. Khonglah S/C (building under construction)

Activities Performed by each Institution
1. Out Patient Department Services: Done by all health institutions narrated above .

2. Indoor Services : At Nongtalang CHC , Dawki PHC & Pdengshakap PHC .

3. 24 hrs Emergency Services : By all Health Institutions .

4. Laboratory Services for Examination of malaria parasites: Done by all institutions, except Padu St. Dispy . DMC at Nongtalang CHC for Examination of AFB.

5. NRHM Services:
a. RCH Services
I. Immunizations
II. ANC&PNC Clinics
III. Family Planning Services
IV. IEC Services
V. School Health Services

b. NRHM Funds:
I. Funds for improvement & smooth functioning of the CHC /PHC/SC.
II. Mobilization funds for the touring staffs.
III. Referral Funds for Pregnant Woman & Sick Infants.
IV. JSY Fund for categorized BPL mothers
V. VHSC funds for improvement of sanitation of Villages.
VI. VHND Funds.

I. All the CHC/PHC/SC received the above funds except Padu St . Dispy (which required up gradation to PHC for eligibility to get the benefit of NRHM funds) and SC which are attached to their respective PHC/CHC.
II. Nongtalang CHC & Dawki PHC are 24X7 Delivery services Institution.

6. Field Activities and Services : Rendered by all the PHC/CHC/St.Dispy to the people of the Community.
Eg. Immunization , holding of IEC& Health Topic, Conducting of VHND & Village Health Sanitation Day , Blood Slides Collection, DDT Spray, ITBN, etc.

7. Implementation & Execution of National Programmes:
VII. Control unit for Communicable & notifiable Diseases at the PHC/CHC/St. Dispy .
VIII. Diseases Surveillance
IX. Active Out break responses & IEC
X. School Health Education
XI. Other:- Whenever arises (like Live & Birth registrations, medico-legal cases, etc)

I. Information & Communication through IDSP
II. The M & HO I/C perform duty and administration independently based on his own PHC annual Action Plan.



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