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Office of the Deputy Inspector of Schools

The Office of the Deputy Inspector of Schools, Amlarem , looks mostly after the L.P. Schools, U.P. Schools and EGS Centres located within the Sub-Division.

All together there are 121 L.P. Schools, 9 EGS Centres and 50 U.P. Schools as per break up below:

L.P. Schools  
Government L.P.S 61 nos.
Non – Govt. L.P.S 25 nos.
Lump sum Grant 4 nos.
SSA L.P.S 31 nos.
E.G.S.Centres (SSA) 9 nos.

U.P. Schools  
Govt. U.P.S 1 no.
Deficit U.P.S 7 nos.
Improved System U.P.S 3 nos.
Adhoc System U.P.S 5 nos.
SSA U.P.S 34 nos.

Salary of the teachers of the above schools is paid through this Office.
Conversion Cost for cooked Mid-Day –Meal of the students is also paid through this office when fund is sanctioned.
Teacher’s Grant and school grant is also disbursed through this office.
The Deputy Inspector of Schools is also designated as Jt. District Mission Co-ordinator in connection with SSA works.
There is 1 (one) Block Resource Centre , SSA, that is looked after by the Block Resource Centre Co-ordinator and under it, there are 14 Cluster Resource Centre (CRC) that are looked after by the Cluster Resource Centre Co- ordinators.
Distribution of Free Text Books and other activities related to SSA is done through these Centres.
Office of the Deputy Inspector of Schools.



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