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Office of the Sub-Divisional Agricultural Officer

1. Rice Development Scheme: With an objective to increase food grain production, the Department through this Scheme, is providing the farmers with good quality and improved Paddy seeds, both for mid and low altitude regions under the Sub-Division. In mid altitude region (800m-1000msc) improved paddy seeds of Rice Ngoba, Megh I, II RCPL- 12 are being provide to the farmers at 50% subsidy . In low altitude region , HYV Paddy varieties like Ranjeet , Pant 12, IR – 36 , Pankaj IR -64 are also provide at 50% subsidy. Besides , the subsidized sale, demonstration programmes on different paddy varieties are being conducted at farmers’ field by providing seeds , fertilizer , organic manures and plant protection chemicals. The Scheme is being implemented every year.

2. Multiple Cropping Scheme: Under the scheme the farmers are encouraged to utilize their land throughout the year by growing different crops. As of now the farmers practicing an old tradition of growing only one crop in a year. But through the schemes, the farmers are being provided with vegetable seeds and other agricultural inputs like fertilizers, Organic manures through demonstration programmes. By growing vegetables after Paddy (in the same area) the farmer can generate extra financial income to meet the expenditure on paddy cultivation and other family needs. Besides these, training programmes to enlighten the farmers about the new methods and technologies of crop production are being conducted in different Villages every year.

3. Maize Development Scheme: Maize is another main food grain crop. At present it also has a very prospective market value. But maize cultivation under the Sub-Division covers a very small area. Efforts are being made to encourage the farmers to grow the crops by conducting demonstration good high yielding and hybrid seeds of maize are used full package of practices.

4. Plant Protection Scheme: This Scheme caters to the needs of farmers for plant protection Chemicals and equipment. The inputs are being provided to the farmers at 50% subsidized rate and to some extent, free of cost.

Besides these, the office is also looking after the implementation of Watershed Projects. During the X th Plan 22 Projects - (1) Pdengkarong watershed and (2) Pdengshakap Watershed projects are implemented. Also in the XIth Plan, 2 more projects are being implemented. These are –
(1) Amkrem which includes Ammutong , Pamtadong , and Mawlong villages
(2) Amthning watershed project which includes Pamtbuh, Jaraload and Amtasam Villages.

Programmes and activities conducted by the Office of the Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer, Amlarem Sub-Division, Amlarem: -

1. National Food Security Mission

2. Meghalaya State Rice Mission

3. Organic Manure Scheme

4. MIDH: Area Expansion on Turmeric.




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